Seriously Smart Contracts on the XRPL




Private Beta

By invitation only to existing XRPL validators and devs we trust. No details will be published.


Public Beta

Join in the fun and become a Host on our betanet. Download the code here.

Oct ’23-Dec ‘23


Dependent on Hooks. Don’t pester XUMM about our airdrop. There’s no Evers or trustline… yet.


XRPL Snapshot date: Friday 1 September at 6.00pm AEST

On launch, we plan to airdrop 1 Epoch (5,160,960) of Evers to eligible XRP holders. The airdrop will involve a two-step process – snapshot of XRP holdings on mainnet and then an airdrop to eligible accounts on the Hooks sidechain based upon their owner’s XRP holdings on mainnet.

Because we will launch on the Hooks sidechain and because that sidechain will include a burn2mint, where XRP holders can burn their XRP on mainnet and mint a matching token on the Hooks sidechain, we need to snapshot the XRP Ledger before the Hooks sidechain goes live. So, we’ve chosen Friday 1 September at 6.00pm AEST as the XRPL snapshot date.

Key Considerations:

  • You will need to hold your XRP directly on-chain, not through an exchange because you will have to clone your account on the Hooks sidechain to claim any airdrop.
  • Airdrop entitlements will be based on XRP balances up to 50,000. If you hold more than 50,000 XRP you will need to hold it in separate accounts to benefit from that excess balance.
  • More details will be available as the launch details of the Hooks sidechain become clearer.


The airdrop is a gift. While we will use our best endeavours to meet these airdrop guidelines, the outcome is final and irreversible. We do not in any way promise or warrant that you will receive any particular number of Evers. In particular, for any reason – or for no reason – we may decide not to proceed with the airdrop in this manner, or at all. You “get what you get” and that might be nothing.